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Our commitment is vision; our vision is prosperity

LION Eye Group is an alliance of successful and like-minded eye care professionals who want to have control over their future while still providing high-level care to patients.

Customizable Business That Leverage Alliance To Optimize Outcomes

Collaboration to Create A Competitive Advantage While Maximizing ROI

Fostering Relationships And Building Patient Loyalty

LION Eye Group’s History

LION Eye Group was formed by three individual eye care practitioners in 2019 as the Long Island Optometric Network as a progressive and intelligent alternative to the hospital based and private equity groups who were approaching them. LION Eye Group founders recognized the healthcare marketplace was rapidly changing through acquisition of small practices but were not convinced these options were right for them. Having built their own successful practices through hard work and reputation they had several concerns.

  1. Will I be able to keep my patients?
  2. Will my patients still receive the same level of care that I provided once I retire?
  3. Will care be accessible for my patients?
  4. Am I getting a fair price for my practice?
  5. What if I want to retire outside the parameters of the network agreement?

LION Eye Group found a unique solution that maximizes the value of each practice by offering a customizable exit strategy for each practitioner while ensuring accessible, exceptional and consistent level of optometric care to its patients.

LION Eye Group provides a unique and progressive alternative to private practice Optometrists looking for an exit strategy, or to become turnkey. The LION Eye Group network is unparalleled as it offers increased benefits for both the Optometrist and the Patient.

LION Eye Group offers customizable exit and turnkey strategies for private practitioner Optometrists who want to have more control over their future and their patients.