Press Release

LION Eye Group Announces Signature Locations

New York, NY (February 9, 2021) – LION Eye Group (“LION”) announces it has decided to build out its first “franchise-like” practice locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Merrick, New York, and Holbrook, New York were disclosed but specifics of each location are forthcoming.

James Vena, Chief Operating Partner, and interim CEO is optimistic about the evolution of LION in just one year’s time.  “This expansion of our business model truly allows us to value partner vendors and head down the path of technology where we see the market going.  Our integrated eyecare agreement with an ophthalmology network allows us to concentrate on fulfilling our vision of medical optometry while building state-of-the-art technology and retail for the betterment of the patients at our locations.  It’s better than we envisioned.”

About LION Eye Group

Launched on January 1, 2020, LION Eye Group is a network of successful optometry practices based in New York.  Originally founded as the Long Island Optical Network, the group has expanded to Manhattan and surrounding Burroughs. The mission of LION is to maintain an accessible, exceptional, and consistent level of eye care to its patients through a structure of meaningful organizations that strive to bring superior quality, value, and safe practices to doctor, patient, and the healthcare system through collaboration, cost reduction and accountability while serving as first-level guardians of eyecare. Our commitment is vision, our vision is prosperity. Visit for more information.

Media contact:, (844) AUTUS 00 x704