LION Eye Group provides a unique and progressive alternative to private practice optometrists and opticians looking to increase their valuation by becoming turnkey.

The LION group network is unparalleled as it offers increased benefits for both the Optometrist and the Patient. By combining resources, and keeping control of operations, this alliance of successful practitioners allows for higher profitability and ultimately a higher practice valuation upon exiting the business.

The structure of LION creates an opportunity for practitioners to maintain the practice survival, the patient experience, and their passion for eye care. The cooperative foundation increases the benefits for the doctors, the patients, and the healthcare system.


We provide the private practitioner with criteria they could not achieve on their own:

  • Access to Strategic to Strategic Advisory for Increasing the Value of the individual practice for ultimate exit. (Includes brick-less/ mortarless and economic retail optimization)
  • Access to Retained Network Attorney with Medical and Optometric Expertise
  • Exit Strategy Preparation by the internal P/E team retained by the LION Eye Group (Quarterly Reviews, EBIDTA, valuation check-ups, best practices, invitations to CEO industry and network update meetings)
  • GPO agreements with frame, contact lens, equipment, and other product vendors (LION’s current GPO is better than 90% of established GPO Networks (see GPO list attached)
  • Management of the Required Services for Network Participation (EHR, PMS, Communication Systems, State of the Art IT Management, Legal, Payroll, Benefits, HR, Accounting, External Medical Biller and Insurance Reconciliation)
  1. Higher standard of patient care expanded with access to specialties within the network
  2. Lower fees through practitioner course sharing and negotiation power
  3. Accessible and Consistent care- keep your doctor but have access to specialties inside LION
  4. Optometrists are the guardians of first level of care and can assist patient with navigation of options in an ever-changing medical environment while keeping patient costs down


Healthcare System

  1. Optometrists are guardians of first level care and can keep patient costs lower
  2. LION can assist patients with navigation of options in an ever-changing medical environment ensuring they receive proper and necessary care