LION Eye Group started as a small group of private practice optometrists looking for a better exit strategy, but quickly developed into so much more. Today, LION Eye Group is a premiere medical eye care and retail optometric network that is transforming the optometric industry.  During exit strategy preparation, the Network spent time focusing on operational efficiencies and recognized opportunities to create new revenue streams. By creating strategic partnerships, LION has advanced into telehealth and state-of-art e-commerce solutions, structured a powerful GPO with major frame and contact manufacturers, and formed an integrated services program with world-class ophthalmologists.

Whether you want to sell, become turnkey, or build out a “franchise-like” practice, it is never too early to consider your exodus options.

By becoming turnkey, Members of LION Eye Group are increasing the value of the practice, and ultimately the price of the Network.  True to its value statement, LION has formed a charitable endeavor, LION READS, supporting underserved and at-risk youth with access to affordable eye care, vision correction, and literacy programs.

Through strength of numbers, LION Eye Group members can focus on what they do best, their practice.


Dr. Lori Landrio

Founding Partner

Dr. Lori Landrio has over 22 years of experience as a New York State licensed Optometrist. Her area of concentration is in working with hard to fit contact lens patients who need custom designed contact lenses to achieve acceptable vision.  These are patients that typically have failed to get usable vision from glasses or other traditional contact lens correction.  The practice also specializes in the co-management with ophthalmologists of patients undergoing laser vision correction.  Dr. Landrio and her 2 associates are licensed to diagnosis and treat most medical conditions of the eye.

Dr. Landrio graduated from the prestigious SUNY College of Optometry in 1997 and immediately started her career as the Clinical Director of an international refractive surgery center in Garden City, NY working with renowned ophthalmologist/LASIK surgeon, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld.  In 2007, she decided to go into private practice and built a successful practice in Merrick, NY, where her business still resides. 

As the Immediate Past President of the Nassau Optometric Society, Dr. Landrio realized that most optometrists were trying to be the CEO of their practice but did not have the time to do so effectively.  Through consolidation, LION allows the individual doctors to spend quality time with the patient.  Says Landrio- “It creates opportunity for the optometrist to maintain their passion for eyecare, yet participate in a collaborative approach to the most effective technology and treatment options for our patients. This is what I call a WIN-WIN.”

Dr. Gail Correale

Dr. Gail Correale

Founding Partner

Dr. Gail Correale has been in private practice since 2001. Her office specializes in primary care with subspecialties in dry eye management and myopia control.

Optometry was always a dream profession for Dr. Correale but life took her on a different path. After 20 years in the diamond and jewelry business, opportunity presented itself and she didn’t hesitate to return to school. In her chosen profession, Dr. Correale feels blessed to do what she loves every single day. She looks forward to helping her patients and having the ability to improve their lives.

Dr. Correale graduated from SUNY College  of Optometry in 2001 where she met another Founding Partner, Dr. Landrio. Recognizing their stories were very similar yet atypical in nature, an astute professor made the connection, and the rest is history.  Dr. Correale purchased her practice in 2006 and due to tremendous growth had to move to her current larger space in Westbury, NY, in 2011.

Continuing to enjoy her practice she worked so hard to build and taking care of patients is of utmost importance to Dr. Correale. She sees LION as an opportunity not previously available to private practitioners. Says Correale, “Just as I did not fit the mold as the typical optometry school graduate, LION takes the variabilities of each individual practice into consideration to construct the best strategy for their future.”

Dr. Steven Schoenbart

Founding Partner

Dr. Steven Schoenbart has been in the field of Optometry for 40 years with 30 years in private practice specializing in low vision- rehabilitative optometry.

As a Licensed Optician filling and adjusting all types of eyewear in his early career, Dr. Schoenbart recognized the importance of patient care and his innate ability to connect with the patient. Motivated by his desire to positively impact patient visual needs, he returned to school.

Dr. Schoenbart graduated from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA. He completed his elective residency program affiliated with the SUNY College of Optometry at the Northport VA Medical Center, Northport, NY in Primary eye care and Rehabilitative Optometry (Low Vision) in 1987 and began private practice in 1988.

Dr. Schoenbart has sat as a board examiner for the regional testing of optometrists with NERCOATS. He was selected to represent optometry in NYS on Governor Pataki’s Medical Advisory Board for the Department of Motor Vehicles from 1996-1998 and more recently 2010-2012. He has served on the board for the Nassau County Optometric Society from 1990-2002. And was the Nassau County Optometric Society President from 1996-1998. He is NYS Certified in Low-Vision-Rehabilitative Optometry to help patients who have decreased vision due to eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, optic atrophy, post-cataract surgery as well as post-stroke patients. Dr. Schoenbart fits an array of various contact lenses. He has spent many years on perfecting the fit of specialty contact lenses for those patients who were previously told they were unable to wear contact lenses due to corneal irregularities.

After 30 years of private practice, Dr. Schoenbart has witnessed the dramatic changes in the medical and optical industry. Bringing the Optometric profession under one roof where all optometry specialties can work together has been a goal for him. Says Schoenbart, “To be involved in LION where like-minded professionals can work together in a synergetic and non-competitive environment is an industry disruption and where the future of medicine is headed.”

Dr. Susan Brunell

Advisory Board and General Partner

Dr. Susan Brunell has over 30 years of family practice Optometry. As a second-generation eye care services professional, she expanded the Huntington, NY practice by offering comprehensive eye care including eye exams, contact lens fitting, ocular health assessments, and pre/post-surgical care for laser surgery.

Dr. Susan Brunell graduated from SUNY College of Optometry and continued there as an associate clinical professor from 1981-1990. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Jack Facchin

Advisory Board and General Partner

Dr. Jack Facchin has over 25 years of experience in Optometry specializing in contact lenses and vision therapy.  With the belief he could offer superior eye care to patients, Dr. Facchin started his private practice in Massapequa, NY in 1994.  He offers his patients only the most modern medical equipment available for complete eye health testing.  Due to tremendous growth, Dr. Facchin expanded his practice with offices in Amityville and Rockville Centre.

Dr. Facchin attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry from 1987-1991 after completing his BA in Natural Sciences from Hofstra University.

Dr. David Leibstein

Advisory Board and General Partner

Dr. David Leibstein specializes in the treatment and management of ocular disease and is certified in pre and post-PRK and LASIK management with TCL Laser Centers. He is the primary eye care practitioner for nursing home facilities in the New York area, providing complete visual evaluation and care for residents and co-management of ocular disease. He was also the staff optometrist at TLC Laser Eye Center in Garden City (July 1999 – September 2013) and routinely co-manages difficult surgical cases. He has three private practices located in Amityville, Massapequa, and Rockville Centre.

Dr. Leibstein graduated with honors from Eastern Connecticut State University and went on to SUNY State College of Optometry. He is a current member of the American Optometric Association, the New York State Optometric Association and was president of Nassau County Optometric Society (June 2013 – June 2017).

Dr. David E. Sausner

Advisory Board and General Partner

Dr. David Sausner is a second-generation Optometrist and has been practicing in the family office for over 33 years. Dr. Sausner has advanced the practice into a medical optometric model with the addition of advanced testing and technology lending to the management of ocular diseases and the co-management of surgeries and LASIK. Dr. Sausner has served on the board of the Nassau County Optometric Society, reaching the position of second Vice President and has been a Key Opinion Leader for contact lens manufacturers.

Dr. David Sausner is a graduate of the New England College of Optometry.